Find In Mind


Description of "Find In Mind":

Are you lazy to go to the gym for training? Then this is the perfect game for you! Stay on the couch and do some mental exercise instead. But don't be fooled, the puzzles in "Find Mind" will bend your brain to its limits. Are you ready to challenge? You can improve and improve your memory, concentration, logic and reaction skills in 18 mini games with 3600 levels in total. Puzzles range from finding objects and remembering sequences to focusing your attention on specific tasks and always require you to think fast and react quickly. To pass a level you have to reach the given goal and ideally earn all three stars. For each level completed, you will receive a coin that you can use to purchase useful boosts such as bonus time, a penalty shield or a multiplier. Watch your performance on the statistics screen and try to improve your mind even more!

How to play "Find In Mind" game:

Improve your brain and improve your cognitive abilities with a great collection of logic puzzles! Collect coins to buy useful power ups and try to earn 3 stars on each level. Focus on your attention and develop your mind by playing every day; Are you ready for the challenge?


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