100 Doors: Escape Puzzle

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Explanation for "100 Doors: Escape Puzzle"

100 Doors: Puzzle Escape is a puzzle game that requires high intelligence to open doors with cleverly hidden keys. You have to go through all the objects on the screen to find the key. You can't open the door and escape without finding all the clues. He must find hidden objects and a function of each object can show a way to escape. You should consider the logical relationships between objects and showcase your talent for more clues.

It is a fun brain teaser with pretty nice graphics and a hundred unique levels. Get ready for a great logic game.

"100 Doors: Escape Puzzle" How to Play

All you have to do is solve the hidden objects and the logical relationship between the objects to open each door. Click on the objects to make the object fulfill its function in the game. A key or a lever to open the door will help you open the door.

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