2048 Legend

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Explanation for "2048 Legend"

2048 game is one of the most popular games. It aims to combine equal numbers in square areas separated as 4x4. As the numbers increase, the 2048 game will get harder when there is less space left on the playing field to move small numbers around. Think strategically before deciding which direction you should drag to combine with the right move. Play a beautiful 2048 game that is popular, fun and thought-provoking.

"2048 Legend" How to Play

In 2048 game, you have to combine the numbers starting from 2 and continuing in double form by bringing them side by side or on top of each other in 4x4 areas consisting of 16 squares in total. There are also 6x6 and 8x8 playgrounds.

Swipe your mouse up, down, right and left on the playground, or on touch devices. With each swipe, the numbers in the field will be dragged in the direction of the scrolling. During the drift, the numbers that are side by side in the direction of movement will merge. The merging fields will make room for the newly produced numbers, and the numbers will increase by adding up as a result of the merger.

Your main goal is to keep the numbers together according to their size with strategic moves while trying to combine.

If you can no longer merge when the last free space in the game is full, the game is over. Play 2048 and make the highest number of joins in the game ever.

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