21 Blitz

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Explanation for "21 Blitz"

21 Blitz is a strategic card game that shares some of Black Jack's rules. But unlike the slow-paced Black Jack, the goal is to collect the cards as quickly as possible in the 4 available slots while having to complete 2 decks of cards. Think carefully about the cards you use and the cards you throw away, and you'll see that you run out of options before you know it. It seems like a simple task, but do you think ahead and remember which cards were played first?

"21 Blitz" How to Play

Combine the cards in each slot into 21. Get more points by making 21 with just 2 cards (Black Jack) or combine 5 cards with 21 to get 21 Blitz! The sum of each slot is not allowed to exceed 21. If all the slots are full and you cannot place the drawn card anywhere, you must discard this card or use the wildcard instead. You get one Joker per round to play. The Joker combines any slot with 21! Use it to get rid of high stacks or when you're stuck.

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