3D Darts

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Explanation for "3D Darts"

Darts has proven itself as a popular sport with many fans, especially in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. But besides that, it's one of the most popular activities you can spend with friends or even at home. But have you ever thought of playing darts when you didn't get the chance to do that? Of course, you can always carry a dartboard and some darts with you. But one of our experiences is that when people on the train try to mount a dartboard on the wall and start shooting small sharp metal arrows into the cabinet, they look at you with suspicion.

Our 3D Darts game comes in very handy. Because it's digital and on your phone (or PC), but still captures the real Dart playing feeling. Fly your dart by pulling your finger or the cursor of your mouse and hope they hit the board where you want it. Of course this depends very much on your ability. This means that you need to train your scroll finger with precision and finesse to give your dart the right velocity and of course the right direction. But other than that, 3D Darts just does the real thing.

Play 501, 301 or 101 rounds against the computer in three difficulty settings. The first to reach 0 wins. Once you master the game, you can start challenging a friend on the same device in 3D Darts two-player mode. And just like in a bar, there's nothing more satisfying than beating a friend with the Triple-20 when he least waits!

"3D Darts" How to Play

Play this exciting 3D darts simulator and try to beat the computer or a friend on the same device! Choose from 101, 301 and 501 games and choose a difficulty that matches your abilities. Shoot 3 arrows, turn and be the first to drop your score to zero. Can you become a true darts sports champion?

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