3D Free Kick

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Explanation for "3D Free Kick"

It takes exactly two swipes in this soccer game to score a great goal. The first is moving the ball. After you hit, you can take a spin with a second swipe. So you can control the direction and height of your shot. The faster you slide, the higher and faster the ball will fly.

Prove your free kick skills in this fast paced 3D soccer game! Slide the shots and try to score as many points as possible before the game is over. Change your shooting technique and bend your strokes to beat the walls and the goalkeeper. Aim for targets or corners to earn bonus points. Do you have what it takes to earn a high score and win the trophy? Swipe to shoot and prove your free kick skills in this awesome 3D soccer game!

"3D Free Kick" How to Play

After you send the ball flying, you are now in control over the turn. Swipe again to change the direction of the balls in the middle of the air to trick the goalkeeper. As you start jumping in the wrong direction, sit back and watch how your shot lands perfectly on the corner of the goal post.

While advancing and scoring while taking free kicks after a free kick, the opposing team will begin to improve their defenses by putting more players in front of the target. Thus, you will have to improve your free kick and ball spinning skills accordingly. And it's not just about scoring goals, it's also about getting the highest possible score for every goal. There are three different areas within the goal that will give you extra points:

If you place your shot directly under the goal post, you will be rewarded with 40 points instead of 15 for a normal goal.

Goal post:
If you score a goal close to the goal on either side, it will earn you 70 points.

Bring your ball to the left or right upper corners and get the maximum score: 90 points

In 3D Freekick you have 3 balls to score as many points as you can. If you can hit the corresponding target on the target, you will occasionally have the opportunity to get an additional ball.

Are you skilled enough to beat the goalkeeper with every shot?

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