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Explanation for "5roll"

Roll the dice to play the 5 Roll game. You can roll up to three times per turn. The goal is to get the highest score combination for one of 13 different categories.

"5roll" How to Play

Roll all the dice by clicking the Roll button in the lower left corner. 5 dice of different colors will be rolled randomly. You can also click on any of the rolled dice to move it to the dice holder.

Rolled dice are not rolled again on subsequent rolls. If you change your mind, you can always click the dice again to return them to the playing field.

If all the dice are the same color, you will have the option to roll a multiplier dice (at the expense of the remaining rerolls). With this dice you can get 3x, 2x or no multiplier.

At the end of the round (after a maximum of three shots) you must decide which box on the scorecard to fill. Fill in each box according to what you think will get you the highest score. Each category is fillable width 1x, 2x or 3x score multipliers, so choose carefully.

You must enter a point or zero in each of the 42 boxes to win. It's your choice to take the risk and wait for the highest dice to fill the most lucrative boxes or fill them right away. Some boxes add the sum of the dice and others have a fixed value.

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