8 Ball Billiards Classic

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Explanation for "8 Ball Billiards Classic"

Grab your billiard cue and challenge the computer in 5 different difficulties or play against a friend on the same phone. However, you prefer to play, 8 Ball Pool offers savvy ball physics and with it the ultimate satisfaction while collecting balls.

There is no other sport where knowledge of angle and ball rotation is required, as is the case with billiards. 8 Ball Billiards realistically reproduces these important features of the game. Depending on whether the cue ball makes an undercut or where you hit one of the other balls, each of them will physically react correctly and move on the table accordingly.

You play by the familiar and simple 8 Ball rules. You have to pocket all your balls with striped balls or solid colored balls. If you've successfully removed all the balls from the pool table, it's time to take down the black eight ball in the pocket you want.

But keep in mind that if you pocket the eight balls before removing all the other balls, you will instantly lose the game. Keep this in mind when trying to hit other balls.

As a standard option, reference lines are activated to show you where the ball you hit will go and how the cue ball will jump from it. But if you want the true eight ball pool experience, you can disable this option in the menu and depend solely on your skills and experience.

Disable this function, play against a friend on the same device and you will have the closest experience to real Billiards you can have on a mobile device.

We can't just provide the background noise of a real bar or tavern. Everything else is as close as possible.

"8 Ball Billiards Classic" How to Play

Improve your Billiard skills and play against the computer or your friend in this 8 ball Pool sports game! Choose a challenge that suits your abilities and start pocketing the balls. The higher the difficulty, the higher the bonus points you earn when you win a match. Aim carefully and use zoom to adjust the rotation of the cue ball. Drag the billiard cue to control the power and try to earn as many points as possible!

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