8 Ball Online

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Explanation for "8 Ball Online"

Improve your billiard skills and challenge a real opponent from all over the world in this fun online multiplayer version of the popular sports game!

"8 Ball Online" How to Play

8 Ball Pool is played with 15 numbered balls from 1 to 15 and a white cue ball. The object of the game is to legally pocket the black 8 ball first. Just click on the game to start the matchmaking process and find an opponent with similar abilities. After the first break, one of the players has to pocket the solid colored balls from 1 to 7, while the other tries to remove all striped balls from the table from 9 to 15. Players cannot pocket 8 balls before they have fully pocketed with polished and solid balls.

The mechanics are easy to learn: aim carefully and follow the guideline to see where you will shoot. If you are a total pro and are looking for an extra challenge, you can optionally turn off the line. Use the Spin feature to control the direction of your ball more and finally drag it to the mark to adjust the strength of your shot. Dip your balls on top of each other as possible. The other player's turn as soon as you scratch your pocket or miss it!

Winning a match increases your score and gives you the chance to play against better opponents. Do you have what it takes to be a pool pro?

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