8 Ball Pro

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Explanation for "8 Ball Pro"

Play 8 ball pool game and play the most popular game of pool from any device. Play pool against the computer or challenge a friend. Show your skills and pocket the balls and the last 8 black ball to win the game.

"8 Ball Pro" How to Play

8 ball pool game is played with a total of 16 balls.

White Ball: Also called cue ball. All strokes are made with this white ball.

The remaining 15 balls are numbered balls. These are divided into three.

Solid colored balls 1-7: one of the players tries to pocket these seven balls.
Black ball number 8: The player who pockets his own balls wins the game if he pockets this black ball last. Whoever accidentally pockets the black ball without finishing his own balls loses the game.
Striped balls 9-15: One of the players tries to pocket these seven balls.

Matching the Ball Group
If the first shooter manages to pocket at least one ball after shooting from the starting point, he continues to shoot. If he pockets one of the striped balls or solid colored balls in the second throw, he owns the ball group he threw. If he cannot pocket a ball in the starting throw or the second throw, the player who pocketed the first ball determines the ball group.

Exchange of Hands
In the shots after the ball group match, the players continue to shoot if they pocket at least one of the balls in their group. If he pockets his opponent's balls and fails to throw his own ball, the hand passes to his opponent.

Foul Shot
A 'Foul' is committed if the shooter fails to make the first contact with one of the balls in his group or if he pockets the white ball. In this case, the opposing player can move the white ball wherever he wants on his first throw.

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