Adam and Eve 7


Description of "Adam and Eve 7":

New puzzles, adventure and dangerous dinosaurs! Complete challenging puzzles and have fun in the prehistoric world! You have to overcome the obstacles you encounter in order to continue on your way in each level. These obstacles consist of wild animals such as dinosaurs, bats and dragons that lived in ancient times in some sections. In some parts, obstacles such as deep rivers and traps made by native tribes from spears are exposed. To pass each section, you need to click on objects on the screen such as leaves, stones, pieces of wood. Use these objects wisely to play overcoming obstacles and completing the levels.

How to play "Adam and Eve 7" game:

You will have to do different things to provide an open and safe transition to Adam. Click on the objects you see at each level to find a solution. Sometimes you need to find something that will keep an aggressive character distracted so you can reach the other end. If you can't find how, click the tips button in the upper left corner of the screen. Click the buttons and levers to move objects. Can you pass all the levels and put this prehistoric couple together seamlessly?


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