Adam and Eve 8

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Explanation for "Adam and Eve 8"

In Adam and Eve 8, our adventurous caveman character is stuck in a miserable relationship and needs your help to reunite with his soul mate Eve. Can you help him overcome obstacles to reach the love of his life in dangerous and puzzle-filled levels?

"Adam and Eve 8" How to Play

Dinosaurs can be ruthless, but this woman who is holding Adam captive is much more troublesome. As in the previous games of this series, your goal in this episode is to help Adam pass the levels by solving puzzles. You can play the game with your mouse, so let's get started now! In each level, you have to clear his path from various obstacles so that Adam can get to the next obstacle. Use your mouse to use the different items you see on the screen. Remember that you need to find the correct order of using items. If a dinosaur is blocking your way, why not be distracted by a delicious meal? Or maybe you have to lift that rock to get through the door? Through trial and error, you can find a way to clear the path so that Adam can move. When you believe he has cleared the way, click on Adam so he knows it's time to go. If he shrugs, there is still something blocking his path. Have fun!

Dinosaurs and obsessive girlfriends aren't the only problems Adam has to deal with! Join him in Adam and Eve: Aliens and help him return home!

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