Adam and Eve: Astronaut

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Explanation for "Adam and Eve: Astronaut"

The man always wondered about space, looking at the stars, and decided to travel into space. Help Adam find the rocket engine so he can go to space and become an astronaut! In this adventure, Adam enters a secret space base. Can you help him by solving the puzzle on the objects on the screen?

"Adam and Eve: Astronaut" How to Play

Use your mouse / finger to interact with objects in the scene. Solve the puzzle of objects to help Adam overcome obstacles so he can continue on his way, and poke Adam to cross when ready.

Combine parts to operate various electronic machines. Use keys to open doors and secret areas. The keys may not always be in an open place, look under objects.

Scare the space base employees to continue on the road in some levels and start the game to join many adventures. Can you go all the way?

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