Adam and Eve GO

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Explanation for "Adam and Eve GO"

Adam and Eve GO is the new easy and fun game in the popular series! You will meet different dinosaurs on the journey. Drive through tropical forests, wintry areas or dangerous underground. Meet funny people in the game: eskimo man, funny minions or a mummy. Take control of Adam on his journey to find Eve and their home. Don't forget to bring red flowers to the house. The game is suitable for family and children.

"Adam and Eve GO" How to Play

To get Adam to his wife Eve and their homes, visit all areas in the game and collect food and flowers to deliver them to his wife Eve. Get the key that will enable the people you will see while wandering to reach their home by bringing the objects they want.

Use primitive elevators, primitive stairs, and teleporting rocks to reach different areas. Watch out for traps. Connect wild animals on your way to access keys. You will encounter different adventures as you pass the levels. Get ready for the big adventure.

Touch the screen on the mobile screen. Use arrows on the computer: control with left and right or mouse.

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