Archery World Tour


Description of "Archery World Tour":

The game of archery is a precision sport that was part of the Olympic Games for the first time in 1900. It is a classy and highly respected form of precision shooting that requires a steady hand and good vision. With our HTML5 game Archery World Tour, you can experience the excitement and fun of archery on a journey on land at different shooting distances and tackle new challenges each time.

On your way to becoming a master archer, you need to consider a few things. First of all, targets have distance. The farther it is, the more you have to compensate for the wind. And the wind that tries to hit the perfect and hits the right at 10 is your toughest enemy. The direction and strength of the wind is always shown on the screen. The stronger the side, the more you will have to hit it to aim your bow in the opposite direction.

Moreover, the wind can push your arrow down or rise depending on the direction it is coming from. You have to make up for that too.

If you don't want to play Archery World Tour, you can just join an endless game and try to get as far as possible by achieving each level-specific goal. If you fail, you get out.

Archery World Tour in HTML5 game world provides a unique experience with exceptional audio-visual quality and physics-based gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours.

So show your aiming skills in this highly acclaimed bow and arrow game and prove it to become an Archery Expert. Play the arrow game.

How to play "Archery World Tour" game:

Grab a bow and maximize your archery skills! Play in two different modes: Choose the World Tour and travel to a variety of exotic locations. Try to earn three stars in 50 challenging levels to become a true champion. Or choose the Balloon Challenge mode for rapid fire game, hit the balloons to advance and earn as many points as possible. Aim carefully, hold a steady hand, and pay attention to wind direction and strength before you shoot. Multiple distance targets that can move, rotate or hide your shot await you. Can you control them all?


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