Atari Missile Command

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Explanation for "Atari Missile Command"

Atari Missile Command game is one of the classic arcade games. Your country is under heavy attack and you must stop them before dozens of ballistic missiles destroy your country.

Classic arcade experience
Game developed for mobile devices
Impressive modernized graphics

"Atari Missile Command" How to Play

There are three missile destruction centers located in different locations of your country. You must destroy missiles and planes in the air with centers with limited ammunition. Mark where you will shoot. The closest one of the three ball shooting centers will step in and shoot. You can destroy more than one enemy missile with one missile by shooting in the middle of enemy missiles close to each other.

Manage missile launch centers well. If the missiles hit the missile firing centers, the center will be destroyed.

For every 10,000 points you will get a bonus city. With each advancing level, your points will get a multiplier of x1, x2 and even x3. You will earn 100 points for each surviving city and 5 points for each remaining ammunition.

When the missile shooting ends, you will earn points for the number of remaining ammunition and cities.

The game is over when all cities are destroyed. Code name to save high score when game is over.

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