Ball Sort Puzzle New

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Explanation for "Ball Sort Puzzle New"

Play Color Ball Sort game, train your brain muscles and have fun in this awesome puzzle and matching game. Combine balls of the same color in a tube by swapping the places of randomly filled balls of mixed colors into the tubes. If you don't make the right moves in this color mix, the balls can get mixed up even more. You need to evaluate the empty tubes correctly. Play now to have fun and train your brain muscles.

"Ball Sort Puzzle New" How to Play

You have to combine the same color balls in a tube by changing the places of the balls filled in the tubes with different colors. You can just take the top ball out of the tube and just put it on top of a tube with empty space.

Tap the tube to select the top ball, then tap the tube you want to move.

Remember, you can only move the same color to the top of the ball.

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