Basketball Legends 2020

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Explanation for "Basketball Legends 2020"

Basketball Legends 2020 is a cool 2 player basketball game. Choose your team and join a challenging tournament or play fun quick matches against your best friend. Enjoy Basketball Legends!

"Basketball Legends 2020" How to Play

Beat your opponent by scoring points with three-pointers, dunks and acrobatic moves. Feel free to block and swipe your opponent to knock him down and get the ball and watch out for the super smash bar at the top of the screen, when it's full, you can use his hot special dunk wherever you are, it never fails. Be the best player on the field.

You can use the on-screen buttons on mobile devices for movement and function keys.

Player 1: WASD = move / jump, XZV = slap / throw / dunk.
Player 2: Arrows = move / jump, KL = slap / throw / dunk.

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