Black Stallion Cabaret

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Explanation for "Black Stallion Cabaret"

An armored train full of dassers will entertain the public by touring the cities. To protect the train from the attack of various monsters, you must use the weapons placed on the train. Production is carried out in a train carriage to feed and develop weapons. By combining crafted items, you can improve the train faster and thus repel monster attacks. Combine the products produced to improve both the dancers and the train to bring all the dancers to every city in the country.

"Black Stallion Cabaret" How to Play

The important thing is to combine the manufactured products as many as possible; because you will be able to get more upgrades by combining points. You can save money and gems to upgrade the train and buy new trains. In order to repel the attack, you must collect various bullets for the weapons on the train and improve the weapons. It is also in your hands to develop the wagons and dancers that produce the products.

The production wagon level affects the maximum level of products produced and the size of the warehouse. The warehouse area, which is 3x3, will increase as you develop, so you can do higher numbered merges. Double-click on the products to evaluate the products and free up space in the warehouse.

You have to repel many attacks until the next station. When you arrive at the station, you will watch the dancers show and you will have the opportunity to improve your train in the city.

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