Blob Giant 3D

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Explanation for "Blob Giant 3D"

Blob Giant 3D game aims to make the highest jump by jumping on the inflatable pillow after the run and reach the treasure chest at the top. Before jumping on the inflatable pillow, you must collect the same color jellies while running, so that they grow and so that the pillow will throw it higher. While running, your color will change and you will encounter some obstacles.

"Blob Giant 3D" How to Play

Swipe to switch right and left while running. Collect color jellies whichever color you turn into. Watch out for obstacles. At the end of the running track, try to tap the screen quickly to jump on the inflatable cushion. The faster you touch, the better your jump on the inflatable pillow will be. Growing with the jellies you collect and your jumping power will allow you to multiply the gold you collect up to x6. There is a treasure chest at the top. If you collect all the jellies and jump on the inflatable pillow with full force, you will reach the treasure chest at the top.

As you skip the levels, the game will become more difficult and the obstacles will increase.

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