Blocks Puzzle Zoo

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Explanation for "Blocks Puzzle Zoo"

Oh no! The animals are trapped in cages and cannot get out. Will you be the hero in need and set them all free?

Fortunately someone left the keys, but how you get them to the cages is another question. Use your geometric skills to drag and place block shapes in the field to connect the keys to the cages. Did you do that Perfect, now you know everything to save those poor animals.

But as you may notice, it's not always that simple. Some special blocks will appear to prevent the rescue mission. For example, an ice field that causes the blocks you placed to slide sideways or a black hole that needs to be filled with a block.

"Blocks Puzzle Zoo" How to Play

Experience 100 levels full of exciting and thrilling puzzles. Solve puzzles in as few moves as possible to collect 3 stars per level to purchase useful items.

There are many tough challenges ahead of you! Will you be able to save all cute animals from their prisons and become their hero?

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