Brawlhalla Grand Slam

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Explanation for "Brawlhalla Grand Slam"

Play Brawlhalla Grand Slam and be fast and agile to fight fierce warriors! Fight against your online opponents from all over the world in the vertical arena. Jump from high walls and knock down your opponents with small attacks. Unleash special attacks with five different weapons, each with different range, power and special effects. You can own 42 crazy Brawlhalla legend characters.

"Brawlhalla Grand Slam" How to Play

Brawlhalla Grand Slam game is played with 8 players. Players face off in an arena of randomly generated walls with a cloud bed under which they can jump. Players always have to hold on to a wall. The jump is performed by drawing a trajectory to jump from wall to wall.

Each player has a certain amount of health depending on the character selected. The object of the game is to inflict damage to your opponents until they are out of health and are eliminated, and be the last player standing.

You have to make your character jump from wall to wall and attack the first opponent that comes within their range. The player with the higher position during the attack will have priority. Therefore, attacking from above will give you an advantage. The hit player falls into the cloud bed below and clings to the wall, performing four jumps. You can gain various advantages against your opponents by getting power-ups suspended in the air in the game arena.

After the player is eliminated or won, they will earn points based on their Token coins and their rank. Earned Tokens can be doubled by watching ads. You can use coins for upgrades. Points will determine your overall ranking.

There are different characters in the weapon categories of ax, fist-claw, scythe, hammer, spear. Each character has different characteristics. A character with more health, a character designed to deal more damage, or a character with greater range? Or is it a character that heals itself after each successful attack? You can buy different characters by accumulating your coins.

Normally the player is recruited against random players, but private games can be created to play with friends by sharing a link or room code.

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