Bricks Breaker

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Explanation for "Bricks Breaker"

Bricks Breaker game is fun to play. This game stands out among brick breaking games with more than 3000 levels and more different features at each level.

Aim to launch your balls at an appropriate angle. When the numbers on the bricks become zero, they will be removed from the playing field. It aims to hit as many birds as you can with one stone, so to speak. Find the optimal angle to keep the balls on the playing field more so that they hit more bricks.

"Bricks Breaker" How to Play

Touch the screen and move it left and right to determine the throwing angle of the balls. When you find the most suitable position, release the left mouse button or touch the screen to launch. You can also use the slider at the bottom of the playground to adjust the angle.

Try to break the bricks on the playing field with the fewest shots. After each shot, the bricks will slide down. You must clear the bricks before they touch the ground.

There will not be only bricks on the playing field. You can direct your balls, multiply your balls, clear all the bricks horizontally or vertically, etc. many features will appear in the playground. Each feature will have different icons. Get to know the icons and determine your shooting strategy well. The number and number of bricks will grow and cleaning will be harder than ever, your only way out is to use these features efficiently and in a timely manner.

As the number of bricks increases, you have powers that you can use. These are increasing the number of balls and decreasing the number of each brick by electro shock. You can choose to use these powers before shooting.

Enjoy the fun of new ones by completing each level mode.

At the same time, you can test yourself in an uninterrupted brick breaking experience with unlimited mode.

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