Bubble Woods

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Explanation for "Bubble Woods"

Although it looks cute, Bubble Woods is an exciting high score gaming experience. Your only goal in 60-second rounds is to reach the highest possible score. Hit the biggest clusters, use super effective power-ups, play strategically and be fast. This is not your average bubble shooter, this is Bubble Woods!

As in a role-playing game, your experience level will increase as you play. As you climb the level ladder, you will unlock several openings.

Fire Balloon
Match 10 balls in a row with the right colors and you will receive the infamous fireball. Hit it wherever you want and it will ruin everything in its path. Very satisfying if you ask us.

Color Bubble
Another very helpful power-up in bubble shooter game. Hit the ball anywhere on the field and turn a large cluster of bubbles the same color.

Bomb Balloon
Good destruction! Hit the bomb bubble and watch a huge cluster of bubbles explode into space.

Duration Bonus
If you hit the hourglass, it will give you an additional 3 seconds. And sometimes 3 seconds is all it takes to beat a high score.

Every game you play will give you points that you can spend for these power-ups (except for the fire bubble, which depends on your skill). Invest wisely and count at every launch.

Pop bubbles like a maniac and become the best bubble burner.

"Bubble Woods" How to Play

Enter the enchanted forest and earn as many points as possible in 60 seconds! Your goal in this fast paced bubble shooter is to match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to pop them. Jump off walls and bounce balls to reach strategically important bubbles - throwing big clusters can give you a huge bonus! Use powerful boosters and try to reach the highest score to gain even more points!

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