Cat Gunner vs Zombies

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Explanation for "Cat Gunner vs Zombies"

Cat Gunner vs Zombies game is about the battle of our hero cat against the cat zombies, which have turned into zombies as a result of a deadly biochemical pollution infecting the cat city. You have to kill the zombies with a gun without getting close to you and watch out for the armed zombie cats.

"Cat Gunner vs Zombies" How to Play

Move from the computer with the WASD keys. To shoot, use the left mouse button. On mobile devices, you can move with the joysticks on the screen and press the trigger button to shoot.

Your gun has ten bullets. You'll need time to reload when you run out of ammo. Avoid zombies while you reload your magazine. Also, keep moving to avoid being the target of armed zombies.

You will gain fish from every zombie you kill. You can also earn fish by shooting trees. You can buy new weapons and new hero cats with the fish you earn.

Play Cat Gunner vs Zombies and fight to skip the level before you die.

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