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Explanation for "Catac.IO"

It's the kind of war game that multiplayer game lovers will appreciate.

These cats must have fallen into mice. Because they all have a cutting tool in their hands and they fight hard. Get into the playground with a knife in this battle game of cats and collect points to get bigger and cutting tools. The cat with the most kills will be the first in the ranking.

"Catac.IO" How to Play

You will start the game with a small knife in your hand and have different tools as you kill. Everything happens very quickly in this game. It's only a matter of time before you die if you don't watch your back. If you attack your opponents from the front, you will be harmful, you have to kill them by attacking them from the back.

Whatever direction you point your finger at the mouse or touch screens, you move in that direction. Right click the mouse or tap the screen to speed up the cat. Your speed limit will appear on the screen. When your speed limit runs out, defend yourself against those who attack you by changing direction. When your speed limit increases, you can attack and kill more enemies.

You can earn gold according to your score, the number of enemies you kill and the number of costumes you collect in the game. You can buy your gold colors new costumes and hats.

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