Chess Move 2

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Explanation for "Chess Move 2"

Defeat the Red King by strategically moving your pieces to reach the Red King's position. This game has 24 challenging levels where you sometimes have to slide game board halves or use gravity modifier squares. There is no time limit in this game so you can take your time and if you get stuck on a level you can always click the Video button in the Main Menu to see the step-by-step video. You don't need to know how to play chess because the chess pieces in this game will show the squares they can move when clicked. In fact, this might be a good introduction to how chess pieces move!

"Chess Move 2" How to Play

Click on one of your blue chess pieces to highlight where it can move. Click on that square to move the piece to the highlighted square. To complete a level you need to move one of your blue stones to the square occupied by the Red King. More detailed instructions and a detailed video are available in the game via the buttons in the Main Menu.

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