Color Pixel Art Classic


Description of "Color Pixel Art Classic":

There is something as relaxing as painting. But why aren't you using the easy way and painting with numbers because most of us are probably not commercial artists? With Color Pixel Art Classic, you can choose from over 800 beautiful pixel image images and make a professional image from them. From animals and humans to cars, flowers, food, monsters, knights and much more, you can spend hours just painting and relaxing. The controls are simple. Just choose a color from the color palette and you will immediately see the pixels you need to paint in that particular color. You can zoom in and out the button to enlarge or reduce the pixels. When you hold your finger on a pixel, you will see a crayon appear on the screen. Now you can hold your finger on the screen and swipe like a painter to fill the pixels. Of course it also works on any PC with the mouse. Color Pixel Art isn't just for those who play their first games on 8-Bit consoles. It has a fascinating aesthetic with its simplicity and colorful visuals. That's why the pixel is called ART. It is truly an art in itself and is loved by millions of people around the world. Many video games today have a fantastic visual art style made up entirely of pixels. Our HTML5 game, Color Pixel Art Classic's shooting with hundreds of funny, fascinating and colorful pixel images was absolutely admirable. Start or become an artist now.

How to play "Color Pixel Art Classic" game:

You can paint hundreds of pictures according to their colors in this creative coloring game. Choose your favorite category and have fun creating beautiful pixel artworks. Animals, flowers, vehicles or fantastic creatures Color Pixel Art Classic has great pictures for every taste. Tap to paint or hold to color several blocks at once. Relax and have fun!


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