Cut The Rope

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Explanation for "Cut The Rope"

Cut The Rope game character Om Nom loves to eat candy. To feed Om Nom with candy, you must solve the puzzles on the screen. Play Cut The Rope, a game loved by everyone, and complete fun and thought-provoking levels for Om Nom.

"Cut The Rope" How to Play

The way to put candies into Om Nom's mouth is to solve the puzzle on the screen, which contains various mechanics and obstacles. Puzzles that become more difficult at each level require a new challenge. Solving puzzles consisting of dozens of different mechanics such as candies swinging on strings, flying bubbles, candy crushers, air balloons that guide the candies, trampolines, ants carrying candy, firecrackers and suction cups that fly candy are both thought-provoking and fun. Try to collect all the gold stars while solving the puzzle; because these gold stars will unlock the key to new level packs for you. Can you evaluate the logical options that will collect all the gold stars and pass all the levels with three stars?

Cut The Rope game has 8 level packs, each consisting of 25 levels. The game consists of 200 levels in total.

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