Diamond Rush 2

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Explanation for "Diamond Rush 2"

Match gems the fastest in Diamond Rush 2. Play by racing against time to explore five planets. So spot the best combinations and eliminate them.

"Diamond Rush 2" How to Play

Combine three jewels that are at least the same to discover new planets. Quickly fill the section indicators before the time runs out. Move to new planets by playing three levels on each planet.

You can gain various features by combining more than three jewels.
Rainbow Hexagon: Obtained by combining at least five gems. Removes all jewels of the color you have combined from the game field.
Flame Gem: Obtained by combining at least four gems. When combined with at least three gems of its own color, it clears all surrounding gems.
Magnetic Gem: Obtained by combining five gems horizontally and vertically. It cleans all horizontal and vertical jewels.

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