Dices 2048 3D

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Explanation for "Dices 2048 3D"

Dices 2048 3D game has brought a new breath to the classic 2048 games. Featuring amazing 3D features, the new 2048 game involves rolling dice forward on the game board and hitting two dice the same number of times to match. With the bounce resulting from the merging of the matching balls, the dice can overlap and merge with other dice around them. The game becomes even more fun with throws such as x2 shots, bombs, space-occupying dice.

"Dices 2048 3D" How to Play

You can shoot from the position you want by dragging the dice to be rolled left and right. The color of each number is the same. Get bigger numbers by matching two dice with the same number. Clear the field by making more merges before the dice pile up to the roll line.

With the 3D feature, the dice jump during the merger and can rise above the dice behind them. Unlike the classic 2048 games, numbers are accumulated not only side by side, but also on top of each other.

Special Shots:
x2 rolls increase the number of dice that make contact.
The space-occupying membrane is gray in color. remains on the field of play until he has made nine shots. disappears after nine shots.
The dice that the bomb touches with the bomb throw leave the playing field.

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