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Dogod game is food gathering and survival fighting game of armed dogs. You will have to kill other dogs and fight to avoid being killed while collecting various sweet treats and of course bone food. Collect gold to upgrade your weapon and change the breed of dog and buy accessories for it.

"" How to Play

The game is based on two main objectives. In addition to collecting food in the first target area and thus earning money, you will have the power to move your dog quickly in the area. You will see the power usage indicator on the screen. The second goal is to kill your opponents. In this way, you will earn money and also gain power.

Quick Move Technique: you should keep a good eye on your opponents and use the quick move feature when necessary to get away and nullify your opponents' attacks.
Killing Tactic: when you touch your opponents' weapons, you die. Therefore, if you want to attack to kill your opponent, do not attack from the side where the gun is pointed.
Weapon Enhancement: your weapon will become sharper and more advanced as you play the game and kill your opponents.

You can navigate with the mouse on your computer and accelerate with the left button.

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