Down The Mountain

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Explanation for "Down The Mountain"

The aim of Down The Mountain game is to descend an endless mountain, grab stars and power-ups while avoiding many obstacles and enemies. You will see quite different places as you descend from the mountain.

"Down The Mountain" How to Play

Use the arrow keys to jump left or right. You will see quite different places in the game. Information about these places is made in English during the game.

Points to consider:

- The water slides will make you slide all the way down. Use the arrow keys to exit the water slide. If the water slide is on the edge, it will throw you into the void, be careful.
- Spikes and lava are deadly so avoid them.
- Do not crash into cars or mountain lions.
- Water slides are great fun, but make sure you jump in time.
- Sand tiles fall quickly, so don't stay on them too long.
- Dynamite tiles will explode shortly after you jump on them, so jump quickly.
- Cracked tiles will fall off immediately, so avoid them!
- Stars give extra points and can be used to skip missions and unlock new characters.
- Keys are rare and valuable, so get them if possible! If you have a key, you can open a mystery box.
- If you need to go down to the toxic waste area, go down quickly. You'll find the antidote nearby.
- Areas with arrows on them will confuse your direction. You have to go left to jump right, and right to jump left.
- Bubbles will protect you from spikes, cars, lava and explosions.

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