Draw Attack

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Explanation for "Draw Attack"

Draw Attack , a great war strategy development game, is about drawing your different types of soldiers on the battlefield with the right strategy. Consider the combat characteristics of the enemy soldier and draw a strategic attack drawing. Protect your castle with your own strategy.

"Draw Attack" How to Play

Over time, you will have five types of soldiers with different characteristics.

Your types of soldiers;
Swordsmen: Fast-acting and low-cost.
Crossbowmen: You should use it for long range attacks. They are not good at close combat.
Spearmen: High defense and high HP; however, it has a relatively low attack ability.
Sorcerers: Long range and AOE attack. Put them in the back row.
Giants: They have excellent resistance. Each hit attacks multiple targets.

To draw and place your soldiers on the field, you must have the ink. If your ink runs out, wait for it to fill.

There are also upgrades in the game. These are ink, soldiers, and fortresses. As you accumulate gold, increase your strength by making upgrades.

Don't forget to open the gold chest every two minutes. There will be features you can acquire by watching ads before each battle.

Now analyze the enemy soldiers well and draw your own army. Use the right strategy to achieve victory.

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