Emergency Surgery

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Explanation for "Emergency Surgery"

Accidents can happen to anyone! It's your turn to save lives and help some unlucky people in the emergency room in this funny doctor game for the whole family.

Put on a white coat and prove your medical skills, your patients are already waiting: This is the postman with a dog stuck to the bottom, the lightning bolt chimney sweep, or the fisherman attacked by a large fish. Every emergency has its own unique story, but they all have one thing in common - you need specific skills to heal them.

First of all, you still have to eliminate the cause of your patients' distress. The dog has gotten a strangeness that looks like a poor postman and it looks like it won't let go of its victim. Get creative and find a way to release your bite. Can he be persuaded by a bone, a juicy piece of meat or a cold shower? Once you find the right solution, you can start the actual treatment. Clean the wound, apply ointments and bandages, and give an injection to heal again in a short time.

"Emergency Surgery" How to Play

It wasn't very difficult, right? Looks like a natural talent, I hope it goes so smoothly in the next case! The game mechanics are easy to understand and a small animation for each step shows you what to do. Touch, swipe or drag, complete various mini-games and cure all the sick!

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