Endless Siege

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Explanation for "Endless Siege"

Endless Siege game is based on managing your defense weapons and weapon upgrades, which you will position on the map that is renewed every day to try to destroy the wave of invaders trying to destroy your kingdom. You'll collect gold as loot as you kill invaders, and you'll use your money to buy new defensive weapons and upgrade them. Remember the map will change every day. You can visit every day to play from new maps.

"Endless Siege" How to Play

You will start the game with five hundred gold. Use your gold to buy defensive weapons and position them in appropriate areas on the map.

Defensive Weapons :
Catapult, Torch, Ball, Timeline
Defensive Weapon Features : Can be upgraded to five and ten levels. Damage, refire frequency, and range abilities improve as you upgrade. You can also change the strategy and goal setting options according to your strategy.

When you are ready, start the game by pressing the "Next Wave" button and allowing the new wave to come. Each new wave will give you gold of increasing value. You will also collect gold for each invader you kill.

Remember that waves of invaders you kill will come with more powerful warriors behind them. Play Endless Siege and keep your defense strong!

Another feature of Endless Siege is that it can accelerate up to x3 times. But be careful, the new wave of invaders may be stronger than you think. They can break through your defenses suddenly and enter your territory.

If twenty invaders enter your territory, it's game over and you have to start over.

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