Endless Truck

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Explanation for "Endless Truck"

Prove your driving skills in this highly addictive stunt game! This is not a parking game! This is a racing game (and a partially flying monster truck simulator)! Fasten your seat belt on this racer and race as far as possible with your Monster Truck, collect coins, shoot biggest jumps, crazy attacks, avoid gigantic bombs and make sure you don't run out of fuel. If you do, go back to the garage and use the money collected to upgrade your truck with new tires, a bigger engine or a bigger tank and try again. You can improve your vehicle in five areas.

Upgrade your engine to reach a higher top speed. Did you know that there is no brake? If you can't brake you can't lose, right?

Fuel tank
Your goal is to get as far as possible. It's easier with more fuel. Frankly. Good thing it's not an electrically powered Monster Truck.

Vehicle body
This will not only lighten your vehicle but also reduce fuel consumption. You can also fly higher, which is a great skill for a big car.

More grip means better handling. And again: less fuel consumption. When you jump carelessly on wooden ramps, grip is important to keep the speed as high as possible.

Bull Bar
In this case, it doesn't help the cows get out of the way because we're not in Texas and there are no cows either. But it helps against wooden obstacles and bombs. But still, avoid these first of all.

The better your truck, the farther you go. And this endless racer has an online leaderboard that you want to be on, right? Find out how good you are with one of the best 3D racing games from HTML5: Endless Truck!

"Endless Truck" How to Play

Race your monster truck on ramps, collect money and try to drive as much as possible. Make crazy translations, avoid bombs on the track and complete missions to earn extra money. Take a break in the garage to upgrade your vehicle and go further. Can you rank at the top of the leaderboard?

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