Euro Penalty Cup 2021


Description of "Euro Penalty Cup 2021":

Play the Euro 2021 Penalty Cup game and join the penalty challenge to become the champion of Europe in 2021 Including Turkey, where teams consisting of game, a football game offers a fun experience. A successful penalty shoot-out game. You have to shoot accurately and save your opponent's shots.

How to play "Euro Penalty Cup 2021" game:

Euro 2021 Penalty Cup 'n Before starting found that including Turkey, you must choose one of the 16 European teams.

Matches and Qualifiers:
With matches, groups of four will be formed. Therefore, you must ensure that you leave the group after three matches. If you leave the group, you will play three qualifying matches to play the final. You must advance undefeated to your opponents and raise the championship trophy.

Penalty kick:
While shooting, you must stop the bar moving horizontally and then vertically on the goal where you want to shoot. The speed bar will be active, which will allow you to adjust the shot speed. Each team has a star rating. According to this degree, the probability of keeping the balls you throw increases. Watch out for your tough opponents.

Penalty Rescue:
When it is your opponent's turn to shoot, a red dot will appear on the rook and will disappear after a while. To make the goalkeeper jump to this point, you must stop the moving stick here, as when shooting.

I have to say things will get harder as we get closer to the final game.

Show all your skill to make your team a champion in the Euro 2021 Penalty Cup.


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