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Explanation for "ev.io"

Ev.io is a legendary survival war game played by millions of people. You can play online with people from all over the world or with your friends by creating special games called "party". You can join the battle either in groups or individually in different locations created with unique graphics.

You must increase your strength by finding better weapons. Buy skills such as teleportation and super speed by getting points according to your success in each game. Don't forget to take cover to protect yourself in the battle arena. You can be attacked at any time in Ev.io , which is a very active game.

Play Ev.io if you want to see how long you can survive on the battlefield.

"ev.io" How to Play

You can play this game on your computer.

The game has a war period, even if you die during this time, you can continue to fight by re-entering the game. At the end of the time, you will get points based on your success. It will be yours when you reach the silays on the playing field. Each weapon has a numerical name. Whichever weapon you want to buy, press the number of the weapon on the keyboard or change the weapon by turning the mouse wheel. You can change your default weapon in the "abilities" menu. Automatic rifle, hand cannon, laser rifle, blast rifle are the weapons you can choose by default. You can select the default settings for many other features from this menu.

Ev.io Controls:

Mouse: Orient and aim.
Mouse Left Button: Shoot with the gun.
Mouse Right Click: Focus on target.

W, A, S, D Keys: Move.
Spacebar: Jump. Single double and triple jump.
R Key: Load weapon.
G Key: Use grenades.
E Key; Use a smoke grenade.
X Key: Display the Abilities menu.
V Key: Use sticky grenades.
Q Key: Use forward teleport power.
Y Key: Use mines. It can be activated with points.
F Key: Use flash grenade. It can be activated with points.

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