Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero

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Explanation for "Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero"

The Rocket Hero game is the story of a little hero who invades the city and takes over the watchtowers, kills the bad guys one by one with a rocket launcher, drops them from the towers and aims to save the city again. Play Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero and get the highest score.

"Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero" How to Play

While aiming at the men in the towers with your rocket launcher, you must make sure that your rocket launcher sees the target. Because after shooting, he will notice you and the man in the tower will attack you. If you can't hit with your first shot, it's your end. You'll be luckier when you have armor.

Use the mouse or tap the screen on mobile devices to calculate the angle and aim and shoot.

Save money to buy new characters and rocket launchers.

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