Farm Dice Race

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Explanation for "Farm Dice Race"

Farm Dice Race is a fun dice game based entirely on luck. You can play against the computer or against a friend to try your luck. When it's your turn, roll the dice and, depending on your luck, encounter surprises on the playing field.

"Farm Dice Race" How to Play

When it's your turn to roll the dice, click the dice. You will advance on the playing field as many times as possible. But be prepared for a surprise if you stop at the surprise numbers on the playing field. These surprises don't always consist of good things. Explosive cannons or arrows to turn you back are bad luck. The right of life and the arrows that will throw you forward are the things that will bring you good luck.

You have two lives at the start of the game. You must cross the playing field before your opponent without consuming your lives.

You don't always have to roll a high dice to win the game. Your luck may also depend on low numbers.

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