Find 500 Differences


Description of "Find 500 Differences":

Difference games have been a surprising source of entertainment for generations now and they are even more enjoyable on your smartphone. They are very similar to your classic hidden object game, but thanks to the stunning HD photos of excellent quality, they are more comfortable and perfect for all types of players. This "Find the Difference" game has over 100 amazing HD images and 500 differences to find. It is a perfect puzzle game for kids and adults with beautiful images from many different regions. Cute animals, breathtaking landscapes, a jumping or relaxing holiday spot on the city streets - we've put together the most interesting images to create a fun, relaxing and motivating experience. Compare both pictures and find 5 hidden differences to switch to another. The faster you are, the more likely you can earn 3 stars for each level. If you can't really find one or more of the differences in a picture, there is always hint feature. Tap on the magnifying glass in the bottom left corner and the game will make a difference for you. Note, however, that this may affect the star rating of this particular photo. Despite earning stars for every level, it's a great and relaxing experience for adults, kids and everyone in between.

How to play "Find 500 Differences" game:

Improve your brain in this fun puzzle game! Look at the two photos that look the same and try to find 5 differences. Can you see them all? Just tap on a difference to mark it. Be careful: touching a wrong spot saves you time. Be quick to earn 3 stars per level and complete more than 100 levels with beautiful images!


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