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Explanation for "Fly THIS!"

This airplane game is just like your dreams. Earn money and expand your fleet by transporting passengers between airports with your aircraft fleet. Airplane game contains beautifully designed illustrations and animations. Controlling one plane is easy, but can you fly many more at once? Take control of a legendary 3D flight game and avoid crashes and transport passengers safely. Play a legendary airplane game now.

"Fly THIS!" How to Play

Meanings of Colors: Every airport has a color and every airport sends passengers to certain places or places. Passengers waiting for you in front of the airport are in the color of the airport they want to go to. When the plane picks up passengers, it turns into the color of the airport to which it is supposed to go.

Fly the plane safely: When the plane is ready, hold the plane and determine the flight route between the plane and the airport. There are many points you should pay attention to. First of all, you start the game with one plane, and other planes will be included in time. You must make sure that the planes will not collide while determining the flight path. At the same time, there are mountains, etc. in your flight route. There shouldn't be places where you can crash. In the following sections, there will be foreign planes that are not under your control. You will also have to be careful with these foreign planes.

Re-route the plane: An airplane's route does not need to point to an airport. In some cases, when you need to hold the plane in the air, plot an empty course for the plane. Be careful because when you complete the route you have drawn, it may lose its course and go out of the playing field or crash into other aircraft or mountains. You can re-route the aircraft whose route has been completed.

Skipping a chapter: If you carry the number of passengers requested from you without an accident, you will skip a chapter.

Build your own airport: With the money you earn from flights, you can develop your own airport and buy new planes.

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