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Explanation for "FootyZag"

FootyZag game was created by choosing 20 odd teams from different parts of the world. He aims to reach the goal in a certain time with only the right and left arrow keys and to score a goal with a quick shot.

"FootyZag" How to Play

You will have the ball when you start the game. You must move in the direction of your player until you reach the goal. Otherwise, you will lose the ball to the opponent. Tap the left or right side of the screen on mobile devices. On your computer, use the left or right arrow keys.

When you reach the goal, you have to shoot. There will be players of the opposing team building a dam in front of the goal. This dam will be leaning to the right or left. You will shoot in the direction of the empty space. Before you shoot, you must follow the speedometer at the top of the screen and take a quick shot.

While playing FootyZag, you will see interesting football teams.

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