Frisbee Forever 2

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Explanation for "Frisbee Forever 2"

The legendary Frisbee game skillfully developed by Frisbee® Forever is quite fun. Besides its visuality and animations, the perfection in its controls makes the game love.

Play Frisbee 2 game and follow the stars to succeed. Expand your unique frisbee disc collection.

Frisbee game consists of 75 episodes. Play Frisbee and finish all tracks.

"Frisbee Forever 2" How to Play

Manage your Frisbee by tapping on mobile devices and swiping on computers. Take action at the right time to lean in the desired direction.

After you throw the desired direction, direct your frisbee in the desired direction. The track will get more difficult in each level. You will see actions such as acceleration areas, propellers set to change your direction. Continue with the following sections to add more fun to the game.

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