Fruita Crush

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Explanation for "Fruita Crush"

Fruita Crush is a classic Match 3 game that improves your connection skills with over 100 beautiful levels. Your goal is to change fruits and bring 3 or more of the same fruits together to remove them from the screen. Each level will allow you to face a different challenge and motivate you to win all three stars. But of course matching only three fruits is for beginners. If you want a Match 3 high score, you have to put a little more effort into it.

The fun starts when you combine the same bananas, apples, or strawberries and aim for large clusters. This is the right way to get the highest scores. And the high score is the ultimate goal in this game. Match fruit like you've never matched fruit before!

There are power supplies to show up on the screen to make your life a little easier. These destroy giant clusters or delete entire rows or columns from the screen and can make a difference in success or not. Ultimately, you will have to achieve a specific goal with each level. Otherwise, you will have to restart and try your luck again.

"Fruita Crush" How to Play

Fruita Crush is an efficient match3 game in which you have to put together many delicious fruits. Jump through magnificent worlds and master over 100 challenging levels. Combine 3 fruits or more, collect as many points as possible and activate all bonus fruits to get the highest score. Can you master every level?

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