Garden Bloom

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Explanation for "Garden Bloom"

Garden Bloom , the new matching game made with garden flowers, is here. Play games with beautiful images of colorful flowers.

You need to combine at least 3 flowers of the same color. The higher the number of joins, the greater the effect. There are boosters you can buy with your gold when you need help.

"Garden Bloom" How to Play

Start collecting flowers by combining at least three flowers of the same color horizontally or vertically. In the game, you collect certain numbers of flowers from certain flowers you want. Remember, your number of moves is limited.

Matches of three may not be enough for you to collect the desired flowers with limited moves, so more matches are required. In this way, you can gain features such as bees, fireflies, and butterflies. In addition, even if these features are in different colors, you can use their power by drawing them on each other.

If you are in a difficult situation, you can buy game booster features with your gold.

Butterfly; Drag over a color without matching. Butterflies will collect all flowers of your chosen color from the playground. Occurs when you combine five flowers of the same color or need to buy with gold.
Aryan; It occurs when you combine four flowers of the same color. It collects all the flowers on the horizontal or vertical according to the merging direction.
Firefly; It occurs in the case of both horizontal and vertical joints. They collect the flowers around them.
Hand; It will be active in the following sections. It allows you to swap the two flowers that are next to each other.
Rowing: Becomes active in the 24th episode. You can eliminate the flower by choosing the flower you want to remove.
Beehive: It becomes active in the 34th section. The area where you throw the beehive is cleaned.

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