Gold Mine


Description of "Gold Mine":

In this classic Gold Miner game, you're not exactly the next Indiana Jones, but you still find yourself in an old Gold mine equipped with a pickaxe that you have to throw on colored blocks to destroy them. The next best thing to be a great action hero archeology professor. In our Match 3 game, you can remove the blocks when you hit at least two adjacent blocks of the same color. Classic Link 3 formula. The minimum amount of connected blocks is not 2 and 3. The same difference. The goal is to destroy gold blocks because only they will save you money. Connect 2 or more blocks to subtract. To get the most out of it, you will need to get rid of all normal rocks. Cleverly remove other blocks to get as many gold blocks as possible. Then you will earn more money. Gold Mine is an unlimited level of Connect 3 game, so the amount of time you can play is limited only by your Match 3 skills. And your greed about it. You won't be the first to escape gold! Are you a valuable Gold Miner?

How to play "Gold Mine" game:

Take the cauldron and start an epic mission to become a living miner legend! In Gold Mine, it's your job to help miner miner dig up treasures. Combine at least 2 blocks of the same type to get them out of the field and earn points. Your score increases as the number of blocks you clear at once increases. Play strategically and make sure blocks don't reach your miner. How many levels can you finish?


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