Gold Miner Tom

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Explanation for "Gold Miner Tom"

You have a grab hook, a long rope and maybe some dynamite? Excellent. You now have everything you need to become a professional casual gold miner! Your only goal in this gold miner clicker game is to collect the biggest and most valuable gold nuggets and even diamonds from under the earth.

You will encounter at least two problems though: You only have a limited amount of time for each level, and you must collect a certain amount of gold or diamonds to reach the level goal. You will go for large pieces that bring in more money, but do smaller nuggets of lower value take longer to stay or target? Your strategic thinking skills will be tested here.

As a true Gold Miner, you will have a few nice upgrades at your disposal. These will make gold mining much easier.
For example:
- Strength: reel everything much faster
- Double coins: the value of everything is doubled
- TNT: Blow up things you don't need! Our favorite!

More money for gems: it does exactly what it says.
Each level has the same gameplay: your hook will automatically swing from left to right, and you have to touch the screen and release it to collect gold and diamonds or small bags with surprises inside. Still it will get harder from level to level. To successfully play the Gold Miner in later levels, you will have to shake it from the back of annoying little mice and even explode barrels if you really want to collect big valuable items. Can you get a tiny little diamond surrounded by five exploding barrels? It's all about timing and a little bit of luck. It's a game of skill, after all.

Upgrades will help you become an expert at all levels. However, be careful not to spend on each level before upgrading most of the coins you collect. Then you may have a hard time reaching the money goal. And when that happens, it means play from start to finish.

Come on this gold miner adventure with us.

"Gold Miner Tom" How to Play

Join Tom the Gold Miner in this challenging underground skill game! Use the claw in the mine for gold, diamonds and other treasures and try to earn as much money as possible. Wait for the right moment to start your vehicle and wrap the items you have caught. Be quick and make sure you reach the level goal, otherwise it's game over! Temporary boosts can help you, but buying them will save you money. Use them strategically and avoid hitting TNT barrels at all costs!

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