Head Ball 2020

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Explanation for "Head Ball 2020"

The popular and new version of Head Ball game. Choose your country team and join a tournament where the best fight for the title is played. Check out your favorite player! You can play alone against opponents or play with your friend.

As you can play it on your computer, this great football game compatible with phone and tablet is nice enough to be addicted to football lovers.

Show them who's the best!

"Head Ball 2020" How to Play

Choose your country team Choose from 1v1, 2v2, or 1v2 player options. You can also set your normal and hard game preference. You can also play with your friend if you want.

When the ball reaches goal, shoot it. Either defend or attack. If you want, go to your castle and protect it.

You can follow the game instructions.
From the computer
Z: super shot
X: shoot
and you can use the arrow keys
On mobile, you can play with the buttons on the screen.

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